To ensure a stable and effective teaching and learning process we have asked a team of experts and psychologists to devise an international curriculum which embodies the principles that the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) has developed over the past fifty years and fulfills the high academic requirements set by the Polish Ministry of Education.


Our teachers are native and non-native speakers of English with necessary academic qualifications and professional experience. World Around staff are young and creative individuals who cultivate children’s natural thirst for knowledge and ensure a student-friendly atmosphere in class.


The mission of all our schools it to cater for the students’ versatile intellectual and emotional development and to cultivate individualism as opposed to conformity.

Why us?

Classes taught in English and Polish

All classes are taught in English and in Polish. Classes in Polish for Foreigners are provided for pupils who are not Polish citizens. Students at World Around Schools prepare both for Polish state examinations and for international qualifications. We also offer the possibility to learn another foreign language (French, German, Spanish or Russian).

Our mission statement

The mission of all our schools it to cater for the students’ versatile intellectual and emotional development and to cultivate individualism as opposed to conformity.

By educating future citizens of a united and democratic  world, we strive to equip our graduates with skills and knowledge which will allow them to enter adulthood fully aware of their rights and responsibilities, as open-minded individuals who are able to appreciate cultural diversity and successfully face the challenges of the 21st century.

We achieve all this by implementing an effective education programme whose tenets rely upon defining and appreciating the individual needs of every student. Seeking inspiration for our curriculum, we turned to the principles developed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, which correspond to the curricula devised by the Polish Ministry of Education for primary and middle schools and culminate in the IB Diploma Programme.

High standards

– qualified, experienced and student-friendly teaching staff

– carefully designed curriculum which fulfills the high academic standards set by the Polish Ministry of Education

– biligual education in English and Polish; additional classes in Polish for Foreigners

– the possibility to learn another foreign language

– ICT classes held in well-equipped computer labs

– a wide range of extra-curricular activities free of charge (e.g. arts club, creativity club, experiments club, Maths club, theatre club, dance club)

– other activities including sports classes (e.g. swimming, tennis, karate, skateboarding, roller-skating, soccer), robotics, chess, ballet, or dancing (extra fees apply)

–  student evaluation system which combines traditional marks with a descriptive statement of results which informs the pupil and the parents about the child’s strengths and weaknesses and provides suggesstions for further improvement

– various sports classes: swimming, gymnastics, dancing, and team sports

Intercultural Education Programme

Since the very beginning World Around Schools have sought inspiration in eduactional standards developed for multicultural learning environment by Pearson Edexcel at primary school level and the International Baccalaureate Organisation  at  secondary school level (Diploma Programme – IBDP). Our high school is fully accredited to provide IB Diploma Programme as IB World School No. 6265.


World Around Intercultural Primary operates within a larger educational institution (Prywatne Akademickie Centrum Kształcenia/Private Academic Centre for Education) that has been operating in Krakow for over twenty years, and in 2010 opened a primary school. This enabled us to provide education at both primary and secondary levels. When our secondary school joined the IB DP programme, it was only natural to decide that our primary school should also offer international education.

Since Poland joined the European Union in 2004, Krakow has become a largely multicultural city and the seat of many an international corporation, whose employees seek international schools for their children, having been relocated to Krakow with their families. Also, it has been observed that the first wave of Polish immigrants, who started their families abroad, more and more often decide to come back to Poland. The problem that they face is finding a school that offers an international curriculum to their children who find it increasingly hard to function within the Polish school system, having been raised in a English speaking environment.

The mission of all our schools it to cater for the students’ versatile intellectual and emotional development and to cultivate individualism as opposed to conformity.

School events and celebrations

School events and celebrations organized by WORLD AROUND PRIMARY SCHOOL.