Enrollment for Middle School

Admissions for the school year of 2017/18 are open. We are currently enrolling students for Grade 2.

The maximum number of students per class does not exceed 20.

  1. The decision about admission is taken by the headmaster on the basis of a preliminary meeting with the candidate and his/her parents (legal guardians).
  2. Children whose native language is other than English must take an entry test in English as a Foreign Language which includes grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking.
  3. Admission documents:
  • certificate of primary education (original document);
  • student data form [download .pdf];
  • medical certificate;
  • 2 photographs;
  • a copy of birth certificate.
  1. The candidate will be asked to select a foreign language other than English and Polish (German, French, Spanish or Russian) and provide the school with information about the required level.

Enrollment fee: PLN 1500

Monthly fee: PLN 1300 (payable 12 months/year)


Sample entry tests in English as a Foreign Language are available at:


(Reading & Use of English and Listening)


(Reading & Writing and Listening).